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Job Centre PlusNorth East London Strategic Health Authority
NHS London & JCP
Ewave Designs have launched a state of the art CMS systems for the North East London Strategic Health Authority in partnership with the Job Centre Plus.

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We are a professional media design agency based in the heart of London. We engage a blend of creative intelligence and dynamic interaction to provide your unique marketing & media solutions onscreen, onprint and online.

Your website portrays the image of your organisation; every web page of your website corresponds to its own identity and model. Ewave will adopt a thorough analysis of this model and detail this throughout the development. Our attention will equally be applied to the graphic design; maintaining consistency and showcasing attractive components for your audience.

Our belief in expression is at the forefront of your development; we deliver your image, your values and your intent according to the best of industry standards and we endeavour to achieve excellence in delivering these technologies. Our approach to making your development accessible and Internet compliant is second to none.

We implement robust and scalable techniques, ensuring the simultaneous growth of functionality and structure within this expanding domain. Put simply, Ewave Designs can get you on the Internet ladder!

W3C Compliant Website Design and Accessibility W3C Compliant Website Design and Accessibility

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